Guide to Choose the Nicotine Level of E-Liquids

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Guide to Choose the Nicotine Level of E-Liquids

To obtain the best vaping experience, you have to consume the liquid in a satisfying manner. Thus, choosing best eliquid with an enjoyable level of PG or VG, and also the right concentration of nicotine, is important. This ejuice – the guide to selecting the better one will help to start with the right level of nicotine for vaping.

Do Not Go Over the Top

When people start smoking, they usually choose e-liquids that have a high concentration of nicotine. This is simply because the beginners believe that e-cigarettes will be less satisfying than smoking a cigarette. Hence, in order to compensate for that by purchasing e-liquids with high nicotine content. Even though this is true, you should not go over the top with it. This is because excessive nicotine might make your vape harsh. In fact, exceptionally high nicotine can also overload the body.

Do Not Start with Too Low Nicotine

If you use an e-liquid that has a low level of nicotine then people might resort back to smoking. This is because people do feel a proper throat hit. This can spoil the first experience a throat hit. If you have just started vaping then you should use a nicotine concentration of 18mg. Thereafter, you can make some adjustments.

Take One Step at One Time

You shouldn’t jump too quickly from one nicotine level to another particularly if you are trying to truncate the intake of nicotine. If you plan on quitting nicotine then you should decrease the intake of it gradually.

Do What Satisfies You

When you have to choose the right nicotine level in an e-liquid, you should everything that it takes to satisfy your vaping experience. The reason is that your goal should be never to look back to the harmful tobacco products.

There are plenty of options out there but you need to make sure that you have selected a good quality e-liquid.

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