How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

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How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Hair drug test is pretty frustrating. Studies have shown that hair follicle drug test is a method that is gaining popularity with time among the employers. Marijuana is still the most popular drug on the list. Usually, marijuana takes about 5 days to show up in the hair and it can be detected through hair follicle test for several months. Marijuana is ingested by the body and then it circulates into the saliva, urine, bloodstream, and also into the hair follicles. The drug metabolites which get deposited into the hair follicle are then entrapped in the hair when it grows out from the hair follicle. The drug testing labs test toxic metabolites which are present in the shaft core.

However, the question that might be bothering you if you take marijuana is how to pass a hair drug test. Take a look at the four proven ways to pass a hair drug test.

Stop Using it for 100 Days

One of the best answer to your question, how to pass a hair sample drug test, is one of the simplest ones. You simply have to stop using it for the next 100 days before your upcoming hair test.

Shave it Off

At times, you might not have 100 days before your test. In such a case, you can shave your body and your head clean. However, you should be careful since most of the testing labs are onto this trick. If they aren’t able to get a sample of 90 days then they might make you fail.

Do It Yourself

If you do want to shave your head and want to keep the hair then you can get rid of the THC drug simply by making use of a home cleaning regime. These methods might be hard on your hair but many people have sworn by the effectiveness of it.